7 tips to stay on track with your new year resolutions

There’s no better time to set a weight loss goal than the fresh start of the new year!

It’s common to gain as much as five to seven pounds between Thanksgiving and January 1st so if you belong to this club, you’re not alone.

The good news–what is gained in that holiday timeframe can be lost in the same number of weeks (or even less)! 

Find the Keto That Works for You

Yes, you have heard the keto mantra of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates but that is just a general guideline!

Keto macros range for each individual since we are all physiologically different.

In fact, some keto dieters reach the metabolic state of ketosis by consuming 60% fat and 10% carbohydrates.

So while you have been told the generic guideline of 75% fat, it could be less–just keep in mind that fat will be the majority and carbs, the minority. 

To find out what your individual keto macros are take this free assessment.

Adopt Two or Three Simple Rules and Abide by Them

Making things complicated will surely lead to failure so let’s keep it simple.

Achieving fat loss and overall wellness is as easy as following two basic rules:

  • Stick to the keto macros that work for you.
  • Log 5,000 steps per day.

If you follow your meal plan and a fundamental movement plan such as good old-fashioned walking, you will see results. Promise.

Strive for Five

The previous tip stated to abide by two or three simple rules but there is a caveat to that. Strive to follow those rules meticulously, but only for five out of the seven days in a week.

Yes, you heard that right!

Sticking to your plan just 70% of the time will still yield drastic results and this way, you’re given wiggle room so follow-through for extended periods of time is more likely.

New year resolutions may go out the window only because the plan is so strict that one may feel deprived if she can never have a meal or a day off.

If you’re feeling motivated enough to stick to your plan 100% of the time, more power to you! You’re results will be a bit more expedited.

Gauge Your Results

Let’s face it, weight loss can be a bit of an experiment sometimes and with any experiment, you need to track your progress to see what is (and isn’t) working.

Weighing yourself regularly will let you know if you’re achieving the progress you’re looking for.

It’s common for those with weight loss goals to go for weeks without a weigh-in and then come to find that no progress has been made after a lot of time wasted.

If after a few of days, you haven’t seen the scale moved, t’s time to make an adjustment to your nutrition plan. 

Get a Buddy

Challenge loves company so find someone who has some of the same goals you have.

Checking in with each other for accountability and even finding solace in each others’ gripes can do wonders.

When tackling a challenge, it’s best to surround yourself with others who have the same goals and efforts in mind.

Be Prepared

Half the battle of weight loss is being prepared with healthy keto snacks and meals, especially if you’re a busy person with work, school, or a family.

Planning and prepping your food ahead of time will combat situations of hunger when the temptation and ease of fast food or junk food may take over.

Take a day out of the week to plan out your meals or you save time and get a personalized meal plan done for you.

Check out custom keto for all personalized keto meal plans.

Remember the Day When You Decided It Was Time for Change

Most of us have that memory when we decided that enough was enough and it was time to make a change with our eating habits.

Where were you when you made this conscious decision and what prompted your desire for change?

Write down this memory and have it available as a reminder if you ever get tempted to give up on your resolutions. 

We’re Here if You Need Help

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions can be difficult if the plan is too complicated or strict, so hopefully some of these tips of flexibility will help you stay on track and reach your goals.

If you’re still not sure how begin on your ketogenic journey, this straightforward 10-step process will put you on the right track.

Not to mention, our tools such as the keto calculator will take out all of the guesswork.

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